Welcome to Dr. Xiling Shen’s lab

Specialized in precision medicine and systems biology, the Shen lab integrates engineering, computational and biological techniques to study cancer, stem cells, microbiota, and the nervous system in the gut. Ongoing projects include metabolic and epigenetic reprogramming of cancer metastasis, stem cell and organoid technology, microbiome-host-disease interaction, humanized immune cancer models, intravital imaging, CRISPR/dCAS9 epigenetic screening, peripheral neuromodulation, single-cell analysis, and COVID-19 epigenetic biomarkers. This multidisciplinary work has been instrumental in initiating several translational clinical trials in precision cancer therapy.

 ***We are hiring postdocs! View the application materials here.***


The Cancer Microbiome Atlas (TCMA) website is live! Explore pan-cancer host-microbe interactions using bacterial profiles of TCGA tissues.


Relative abundance of phyla in TCMA


Congratulations to Nikolai & Brad. The enteric nervous system “window” is selected as one of the top 100 stories of 2016 by Discover Magazine.