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Bu, P, Wang, L, Chen, K-Y, Srinivasan, T, Murthy, PKL, Tung, K-L, Varanko, AK, Chen, HJ, Ai, Y, King, S et al. "A miR-34a-Numb Feedforward Loop Triggered by Inflammation Regulates Asymmetric Stem Cell Division in Intestine and Colon Cancer." Cell Stem Cell 18, no. 2 (2016): 189-202.
Srinivasan, T, Walters, J, Bu, P, Than, EB, Tung, K-L, Chen, K-Y, Panarelli, N, Milsom, J, Augenlicht, L, Lipkin, SM et al. "NOTCH Signaling Regulates Asymmetric Cell Fate of Fast- and Slow-Cycling Colon Cancer-Initiating Cells." Cancer Research 76, no. 11 (2016): 3411-3421.
Srinivasan, T, Than, EB, Bu, P, Tung, K-L, Chen, K-Y, Augenlicht, L, Lipkin, SM, and Shen, X. "Notch signalling regulates asymmetric division and inter-conversion between lgr5 and bmi1 expressing intestinal stem cells." Scientific Reports 6 (2016).
Cao, Y, Rakhilin, N, Gordon, PH, Shen, X, and Kan, EC. "A real-time spike classification method based on dynamic time warping for extracellular enteric neural recording with large waveform variability." Journal of Neuroscience Methods 261 (2016): 97-109.
Chen, HJ, Wei, Z, Sun, J, Bhattacharya, A, Savage, DJ, Serda, R, Mackeyev, Y, Curley, SA, Bu, P, Wang, L et al. "A recellularized human colon model identifies cancer driver genes." Nature Biotechnology 34, no. 8 (2016): 845-851.
Rakhilin, N, Barth, B, Choi, J, Muñoz, NL, Kulkarni, S, Jones, JS, Small, DM, Cheng, Y-T, Cao, Y, LaVinka, C et al. "Simultaneous optical and electrical in vivo analysis of the enteric nervous system." Nature Communications 7 (2016).
Joe, DJ, Hwang, J, Johnson, C, Cha, H-Y, Lee, J-W, Shen, X, Spencer, MG, Tiwari, S, and Kim, M. "Surface Functionalized Graphene Biosensor on Sapphire for Cancer Cell Detection." Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 16, no. 1 (2016): 144-151.
Li, J, Ai, Y, Wang, L, Bu, P, Sharkey, CC, Wu, Q, Wun, B, Roy, S, Shen, X, and King, MR. "Targeted drug delivery to circulating tumor cells via platelet membrane-functionalized particles." Biomaterials 76 (2016): 52-65.
Kulkarni, S, Micci, M-A, Leser, J, Shin, C, Tang, S-C, Fu, Y-Y, Liu, L, Li, Q, Saha, M, Li, C et al. "Adult enteric nervous system in health is maintained by a dynamic balance between neuronal apoptosis and neurogenesis." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA 114, no. 18 (2017): E3709-E3718.
Wang, Y, Huang, D, Chen, K-Y, Cui, M, Wang, W, Huang, X, Awadellah, A, Li, Q, Friedman, A, Xin, WW et al. "Fucosylation Deficiency in Mice Leads to Colitis and Adenocarcinoma." Gastroenterology 152, no. 1 (2017): 193-205.e10.
Chen, K-Y, Srinivasan, T, Tung, K-L, Belmonte, JM, Wang, L, Murthy, PKL, Choi, J, Rakhilin, N, King, S, Varanko, AK et al. "A Notch positive feedback in the intestinal stem cell niche is essential for stem cell self-renewal." Molecular systems biology 13, no. 4 (2017).