Epigenetics and cancer metabolism.

TitleEpigenetics and cancer metabolism.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsJohnson, C, MO Warmoes, X Shen, and JW Locasale
JournalCancer Letters
Issue2 Pt A
Start Page309
Pagination309 - 314
Date Published01/2015

Cancer cells adapt their metabolism to support proliferation and survival. A hallmark of cancer, this alteration is characterized by dysfunctional metabolic enzymes, changes in nutrient availability, tumor microenvironment and oncogenic mutations. Metabolic rewiring in cancer is tightly connected to changes at the epigenetic level. Enzymes that mediate epigenetic status of cells catalyze posttranslational modifications of DNA and histones and influence metabolic gene expression. These enzymes require metabolites that are used as cofactors and substrates to carry out reactions. This interaction of epigenetics and metabolism constitutes a new avenue of cancer biology and could lead to new insights for the development of anti-cancer therapeutics.

Short TitleCancer Letters